7 interesting numbers Google CEO Sundar Pichai revealed

Google CEO Sundar Pichai has had to face some tough questions as he appeared before the United States House Judiciary Committee. Pichai was asked to answer a lot of questions about Google’s China plans, privacy issues among other things. His answers have thrown a light on some interesting numbers surrounding Google, its services and its users. Here are some of the numbers that came out of Pichai’s testimony.Google CEO Sundar Pichai

  1. Over 15% of the search queries that Google receives are those that it has never got before
  2. More than a 1000 people work in the Google Search TeamGoogle CEO Sundar Pichai
  3. Three days or 72 hours is what Google has to notify its users and the authorities if there is a breach. However, Pichai said that this is under certain circumstances and not all conditions.
  4. Privacy Checkup has been undertaken by 160 million users.

This is a feature where Google tells you about what personal data and information is collected and if shared with others. Almost 20 million users have completed privacy checkup in the last month, according to Pichai

  1. Yes, there is a China project, Pichai revealed and there were about 100 Google employees working on it.
  2. 2: That’s the number of ads that Google found which were linked to Russian interference in US presidential elections
  3. 4700: That’s the number of dollars that were spent on the ads by the two above-mentioned accounts linked with Russia