If you are new to Google AdWords, you might be completely unaware of all the different types of AdWords campaigns from which you can choose. Most people think solely of the ads that appear in Google search results. This makes sense, because anytime you run a Google search, the list of ads is easy to see. Yet this is just a fraction of what Google AdWords has to offer. Choosing which type of AdWords campaign to use depends largely on exactly what you sell and who makes up your target market.

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Search Engine Marketing/Google Adwords

Google has started its own advertising service for businesses looking to show their business ads in the search engine results to the viewers based on the queries typed. It is a paid marketing service. These ads normally appear on the top & bottom of the organic search results. It is otherwise known as PPC(Pay Per Click) Campaign. At DIGIMASOL, we provide you extensive PPC services and tell you why we are regarded as the best PPC/Adwords company by our clients.



Let us first know how Google Adwords works:

Google Adwords worksAn adword campaign starts with a query/keyword. You pick some keywords relevant to your business depending upon its search volume and competition for which you want to come on top of the adwords results whenever a user types in the particular keywords/queries. You probably won’t be the only one wanting to show your adverts to the customers. Your competitors can also be targeting the same keywords for their business ads. Then the bidding starts. You specify a bid amount on how much you pay Google if a user clicks your ad and create adverts based upon your keywords.

Google determines the ad’s position on the Google search results based on 2 factors:

  • Maximum Bid Amount
  • Quality Score

Ad Rank= Quality Score * Max Bid AmountAdRank process

Quality Score again depends upon how relevant your ad is to the customer based on mainly, CTR(Click Through Rate) and Landing Page relevancy. Even if you are low on budget, your ad can come up based on your quality score. The higher Quality Score of Ad, the better visibility on the front page (SERP) of google.

Why should you choose us for your Adwords Campaign:

DIGIMASOL totally focuses upon the success of your Adwords campaign and helps you get maximum profit through them. We use efficient techniques to choose the bidding keywords keeping in mind the highest customer reach at a low budget. Google updates its campaign strategies from time to time which often leads advertisers lose money due to silly mistakes but being the best Adwords company in Hyderabad, we stay up to date with every new development and can help you avoid costly errors.

We even work upon your quality score. We make sure that your ad gets the maximum quality score possible by Google for the selected queries which then automatically can give you a good Ad position even at a minimum budget.

Summing up, DIGIMASOL, the company with the best PPC services in Hyderabad have the right approach to get you maximum benefits from your Adwords campaign keeping your budget in control.