Bulk Email Services

Digimasol – Email Marketing Services Company in India is bulk email service provider company that your business can use to send bulk emails, email campaigns and newsletters for Bangalore Clients. Customers across India use our bulk email server to best email campaigns. We have been providing bulk email service in India, our experience in delivering bulk emails has made us a best bulk email provider in India.

We do use SMTP server for sending Bulk Email to your target Audience. Simple Integrate with your software and send mail , Our support team do the rest work for you. Click Here for Pricing in USD and INR Digimasol is a Bulk Email Services Provider in Bangalore offering email marketing services in Bangalore at reasonable prices. We offer web-based application which includes each and everything that you need for creating, sending, and tracking your email marketing campaigns.

It’s also got an in built reporting module which would offer you a detailed insight of the number of emails opened/ read, the number of emails bounced back, number of people chose to subscribe or unsubscribe from your services, etc. For maintaining ourselves amongst the top email marketing companies in Bangalore, and for ensuring maximum successful delivery of mails within stipulated time, we keep updating our services.  We employ specialized rotation technology as well as other anti-spamming techniques for ensuring maximum mails delivery.

bulk email serviceOur Bulk email marketing package has all the features that re presently available in the market. You will not find all the features together at reasonable prices anywhere else. We offer the most innovative email marketing services with a focus on cost effective business solutions to our clients. We offer an inbuilt email template editor and real time delivery reports through our web-based bulk email marketing service application. Being a well reputed email marketing service provider in Bangalore, we provide credits based and subscriber based plans. We offer 100% guaranteed delivery of emails with our different packages at extremely affordable prices. Credit-based plan- this plan is best for the NON OPT-IN database for unknown recipients.

Bulk Email Marketing Solution

Create amazing emails in the blink of an eye.

Powerful and intuitive email design tool

Design professional email marketing campaigns with ease. No technical skills required.

Emails that look great on any device

Send responsive emails that adapt to the size of your reader’s screen. You can also preview how your email design will look on different device screens directly from the email design tool.

Explore our email template library

Choose from over 70 customizable email templates. Whether you’re sending promotions, confirmation emails, or newsletters, personalizing templates is easy. Add your brand’s colors, images, and content, and hit send!

Create your own templates

Access your previous campaigns and use them as templates for your next design 

Manage and target your contacts more efficiently

Import and organize your contacts

Load your contacts into Digimasol and easily sort through them with the help of our powerful list management and contact attribute system.

Segment and target your emails more effectively

Use our contact segmentation tool to better target your emails with content that is most relevant to readers based on their profile and previous behavior.

Be prepared for the GDPR

Respond quickly to GDPR-related personal data requests from your contacts with our streamlined contact management system.

Discover the power of marketing automation

Automate your emails

Send the perfect message at the right moment with the help of marketing automation workflows that react to your contacts’ actions and interests.

8 pre-made workflows ready for action

Improve your customer engagement with our preconfigured automation workflows, including welcome messages, abandoned cart follow-ups, birthday emails, and more!

Explore new possibilities

Implement lead scoring and dynamic segmentation workflows to send highly targeted emails that will make your readers feel like they’re one in a million!

Analyze and optimize your email campaigns

Detailed reporting

Evaluate your email campaign performance on key metrics, including open rates, click rates, unsubscribes, and more.

Follow your email performance in real-time

Monitor the deliverability and engagement of your transactional emails directly from your dashboard.

Go even further

Explore our other tools, such as heat maps, advanced engagement statistics, and geographical data, to conduct an even deeper analysis of your email campaigns.

Get the best email deliverability possible

Reach the inbox

We monitor the reputations with email providers for all of our sending IP addresses to guarantee the best deliverability for our clients.

Automatically maintained contact lists

Contacts that produce a hard bounce are automatically blacklisted to avoid damaging your sender reputation and maximize your deliverability results.

Control your own deliverability

Set up advanced deliverability features, such as a using dedicated sending IP or adding DMARC, SPF, and DKIM policies for your domain, to take even more control over your deliverability.

The all-in-one relationship marketing solution for SMBs

Marketing automation

Save time and money by automating your emails and offering your customers a more personalized experience.

Transactional emails and SMS

Set up your automatic transactional messages, such as subscription confirmations, order receipts, and password reset emails, using the Digimasol platform.

API and plugins

Use our powerful API and numerous integrations to connect your email marketing with other solutions, including your CMS, CRM, project management software, and more!