Google offers ads which show up in indexed lists on with the utilization of Google AdWords or commercials that show up on different sites through the Presentation System and Google’s AdSense program.

The following is a case of a Google internet searcher results page (SERP). There are two segments of paid Google advertisements, one over the “normal” or natural connections and one at the base of the outcomes page. The supported outcomes or advertisements, (in the red box) are signified with a green “Promotion” name. The outcomes that show up underneath the promotions (in the green box) are alluded to as natural outcomes.

Google additionally offers Show Promotions, which show up on the Google Show System. The Presentation System is a broad gathering of outside, outsider sites that have joined forces with Google and consented to serve Google advertisements. Google advertisements on the Showcase System can be in content, picture, video, or rich media organize, and can be focused on in an unexpected way. This incorporates remarketing and flag promotions.

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